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Life After Death

I recently read a blog post where someone was talking about death. They made the comment that they wanted to believe in life after death, but the idea of it was terrifying! They were so anxious over the idea of dying and what comes after, that whenever the thought arose, they had to quickly think about something else.

I think this is fairly common. People don’t like to think about death because they have no idea what comes next. Some, like this person, just avoid it all together. Others adamantly declare¬†that death is the end. For those who believe in some form of life after death there are scores of options. From reincarnation to life as a ball of energy, there are many different beliefs. Some believe in heaven as a place where we go if we are basically good and hell is where we go if we are bad such as murderers, rapists, or¬†basically just evil people.

What is interesting to me is that those who believe in life after death, are generally very passionate about what they believe. They are convinced that their belief is the truth and they will argue the point incessantly even though they have no way of proving that they are right.

Christians believe in life after death. They too believe in heaven and hell. The main difference is that Christians can actually prove that their belief is true. The Christians’ faith in life after death is based on one simple, documented fact. Jesus died, and returned from the dead. He explained what life after death looks like and he explained how to know that when the time came, we could experience this next life in a way that far surpasses anything we know here and now.

You would think that people would be beside themselves to learn what Jesus had to say and yet the sad fact is, most people have no interest. In fact most people don’t believe him at all. Like an ostrich they would rather bury their head in the sand than confront a future that is beyond their understanding.

Fear is a powerful motivator. It can motivate us to hide from what we don’t understand, or it can motivate us to seek answers. Since death awaits us all, it seems logical to me that ignoring it is not the wisest course of action. Furthermore, since Jesus has already experienced death and returned, knowing what he has to say is the logical course of action.

There are many historians who have written of Jesus resurrection… his rising as it were from the dead, but the most succinct account of his return from the dead and what he had to say about life after death can be found in the Bible. I would encourage you to read it and see for yourself. Death does not have to be something to fear, but understanding what awaits is vital if we are to prepare ourselves for the journey.

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